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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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the finance minister is meeting muscles to consider boosting the struggling economy but you have skeptics say the single currency isn't broken beyond repair with several euro zone members now broke. it's an illusion forms a new national unity government after a violinist toppled in exile the president look at why urgent economic development is seen as key to restoring the country as a beacon of stability in the region. and a toxic tourist trap claims that nato was dumping poison including depleted uranium and the italian adriatic sea meet with silence from be alliance at the italian government locals and fishermen the deadly.
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shares jumped to their highest level since april after the huge share swap deal between the russian oil dry up to repeat jointly explore the country's arctic energy pressures of a multi-billion dollar partnership gives the british firm access to exploration areas previously out of reach while russia gets new technological know how. those are the headlines and up next our national max cars are asked if america should return to the gold standard and rely more on precious metals rather than the u.s. dollar that's coming your way here on r t. i am asking as are and this is the kaiser report you know there's a lot of crazy stuff going on around the world with the weather and with the
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banking system i call it the eco eco disaster and it's all tied to cheap money stays here were taught to me. the first headline is you're insane if you don't own gold investors told so this is a little clip here where robin griffiths from cazenove capital is interviewed within the bigger picture which the downtrend in the dollar is all some really powerful and when i think when the most important call to give is jew bill gross has made this call it's vital to get yourself out of the dollar on any significant rally continue into an account a currency that is going to be printed virtually into oblivion that's the official policy is crazy you need the current rally and the dollar is actually a great selling opportunity and it's crazy to own a currency that's going to be constantly printed i'm guessing then you are bullish on gold absolutely right i think not saving gold as a form of insanity he'd be even unhealthy masochistic tendencies which might need
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medical attention and it's not just gold even the base metals copper and all those have made new all time high breakouts which is always and everywhere a buying signal so real assets page paper money being printed into oblivion so you go to gold and you go to other commodity related investment still yeah you'd be crazy if you are still in that paper stuff in zero member the crash j.p. morgan by silver a campaign that went viral went global it's got people all over the world buying server i have upped the arms right. he's against j.p. morgan in the paper money. as i call them i got here a new rubber stamp and says christian a p morgan by server and i still. paper money with this crest j.p. morgan by a silver stamp and i circulate this money throughout the economy all over my euros
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and my dollars wherever i go to get the need the message around the world get yourself one of these rubber stamps and get the word out croes j.p. morgan bus over what else are you saying that people accept your obama dollars. little obama dollars in europe they do because they're still fascinated with obama they don't realize he's just a j.p. morgan puppet so this man is saying that to own to not own gold is insane and you know the mainstream media including the j.p. morgans of the world who support this currency regime will tell you in fact you're the insane one now we're going to show you how insane it is to believe in that currency system that relies on these banking criminals that we talk about to maintain stability to dead four injured in chile gas hike protests so protest over gas price increases of seventeen percent are intensifying far southern chile the protests of the first major political challenge to face chilean president sebastian
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pinera this year he made a campaign promise that gas prices wouldn't rise but the state owned petroleum company has had trouble maintaining supplies you know why are gas prices going up is the demand suddenly shockingly high or no the supply of cheap money is quantitative easing quantitative easing three quantitative easing four that's what's driving the price higher it all goes back to cheap money in the central banks there are the root of the problem recall we just interviewed who mentioned that the tulane central bank only a few weeks ago started printing money to buy dollars in order to suppress the price of the value. their currency so it's part of the currency wars as well that's why currency wars are upon us and with every war there is of course propaganda so you'll find people writing stories as you are mentioning here that's propaganda this is the tokyo rose of the currency wars trying to put out the bad word but here is propaganda as you're talking about meet the central bank chief whose reckless
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money printing is causing commodity spikes and riots worldwide this is from business insider chief paper bug joe isn't all there is we always to use him he is saying that the people's bank of china and their central bank had is the cause for these riots because they're the ones causing inflation and he shows the m two money supply chart in order to back up his claim joe is a ball is a propagandist obviously the us dollar the federal reserve bank of the world reserve currency is the source of all of this cheap money not china china's just trying to respond to what's going on the fed sure you want to joe wiesenthal the silver bugs will crush you well there are some people about being insane and we're we've been talking about these riots and food rising commodity riots happening around the world and in one of the locations in india of course where we've seen some protests over food prices and inflation and commodity prices now here's the headline where you might be able to read between the lines india iran mall over
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gold for oil for now so india is determined to ensure a steady crude oil supplies from iran and is even considering settling payments with gold in the short term before that countries agree on a mutually accepted currency and a bank to clear the transactions there's a mad scramble for gold by these countries by these central banks because they realize that the global gold backed currency is coming remember medvedev holding up the gold coin at one of the recent international concepts he knows what's going on we know what's going on in india know what's going on here and you could perhaps look at the. says diplomatic way out of saying we're ditching the dollar india as you know an ally of the us and how do they ditch the dollar without causing turmoil in the markets or upsetting their one of their benefactors well let me make this following prediction china is buying european bombs. why are they doing this
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i think it's because at some point they will demand payment in the form of gold you know in the european zone there are about eleven thousand tons of gold which would be the highest concentration of gold in the world higher than even the u.s. is a thousand tons of gold china moving into europe buying those bonds of course europeans will never be able to pay off those bonds because their economies are in freefall and then china will turn around and you can't pay as back in euro's but will take the payment in gold and dissipate this into context india imports eighty percent of one hundred eighty four million tons of crude oil every finds every year so this is another thing in this commodity insanity tied to the central banking money printing insanity is you're going to a lot of these countries have to import many of the commodities that they use and consume number one being energy and how are these people going to compete while also racing to the bottom with their own currency that's correct it's a cluster of currency manipulation and post nineteen seventies petrodollar for
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cation now at the top of the show we also mentioned that crazy people think and say crazy it go a little crazy. crazy not me i'm saying j.p. morgan's c.e.o. diamond says more us minister pallet ease may file for bankruptcy so this is j.p. morgan chase chief executive jamie dimon and he says he expects more u.s. manesar polities to declare bankruptcy and urged caution when investing in the two point nine trillion dollar public debt market in the united states. jamie diamond he's a suicide banker and a financial terrorist because. if memory serves going back a ways what's the other part of this i think there's another part of this whole thing many of the municipalities right now are going bankrupt because of declining revenue but they were started down that path of bankruptcy you might recall by
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headlines we were covering last year. this is from two thousand and nine j.p. morgan settlement bank to pay se c. over seven hundred million dollars over charges of illegal payments so j.p. morgan chase last year agreed to pay seventy five million in fines and forfeit six hundred forty seven million in fees to settle federal regulators charges that it made unlawful payments to friends of public officials to win municipal bond business in jefferson county alabama and just in december of last year some j.p. morgan municipal bond traders actually pled guilty and to criminal charges right so couple years ago j.p. morgan vulture capitalist fly into these municipalities they load up the municipality with toxic debt they engage in debt swaps convincing the local rubes that somehow they're going to lower their interest costs of course they are lower
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for the first couple of weeks and then boom their skyrocketing bankrupting the county flashforward two years jamie dimon predicts trouble for the reducibility who can't pay their debt. again now if that's the very definition of financial terrorism throw away your dictionary and buy a new one diamond is a suicide banker he's a threat to society worse than sarah palin and it's kind of the equivalent of recall. a year ago two years ago when goldman sachs was advising clients to get out of greece knowing that they had sold them the credit default swaps to hide all their bad debts now j.p. morgan is the number one player in the whole municipal bond market so they would know how much dodgy collateralized debt swaps and all sorts of crazy stuff isn't there and the defense both goldman sachs and j.p. morgan is is they say we're making a market. which is a whack
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a mole defense because you can say anything is making a market it's completely vague to say we're making a market or supplying liquidity this is another thing you'll hear lloyd blankfein or jamie diamond say both of those reasons are made up concoctions that they pull out of their nether regions that mean nothing and anyone prosecuting these guys should hold them accountable for basically making a goal to go and looking and committing acts of financial terrorism. and we've also mentioned the shooting rampage in arizona and week or two ago. here's a headline in response to that this is a very american story firearm finance american gun industry thrives in any economy and glock sales surge after shooting so instead of hurting sales the massacre had the four hundred ninety nine dollars semi-automatic pistols popular with police sports shooters and gangsters flying out the doors of a glock meister stores in mesa and phoenix so remember when goldman sachs was
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busted for mark manipulation a lot of the bankers were packing blocks on their way to work so the other big area of sales but here's an interesting way to look at this whole thing i mean i got an idea if you wanted to take over a gun manufacturer using a leveraged buyout what you do is you go to the bank like a saks or j.p. morgan and say i'm going to insure that all year from today there'll be ten of these political assassination attempts on america and i'm going to use that as collateral to borrow the money to buy the gun manufacturer by the gun manufacturer that stripped it of all of the employees and pension benefits keep the difference in cash all have to do is make sure that a year from now there are ten more political like assassination attempts which should be easy in a country like america that thrives on political assassination attempts if there was no political assassination attempt there would be no fox news there would be no roger ailes there would be no bill o'reilly there would be nothing on t.v. except a rope or room and fridge and captain kangaroo would be brought back because a silly last thing then of any importance on the fricken channel but there was an
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interesting little tidbit in one of these articles about this booming sales and glocks and that is that nothing fuels gun sales like uncertainty about the future particularly when such uncertainty centers on the availability of handguns the last pronounced surd in sales came in the wake of two thousand and eight financial crisis you never go broke in america selling guns but remember that in. bullets and the sales of all it's going to tightly control all right stacy ever thanks much for being on the kaiser report thank you they'll go away welcome back much more stay right there.
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this is st still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal. the soviet finals house on the embankment and on to. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go forward
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and seeing from the streets of canada. operations are today. i welcome back to the kaiser report i max kaiser the time out to go to germany and speak with economists share have or the alternative information center he's the author of the economy of the occupation bullets in welcome share i macs and thank you for having me back on your show fantastic not sure i want to talk about the war economy now the wiki leaks cables reveal what's going on in israel so what does a war economy look like who are the power players what does or where does the capital flow well in fact that we can leaks discoveries are not that important in that respect because a lot of people already knew that it was at work on a mean the information is pretty much out there already
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a recent study that. was published two years ago found that approximately twelve point three percent of g.d.p. is invested into war security military. and there are two ways to look at that you can say ok twelve point three percent. means that that almost ninety percent of these really economy is not into war which is true but another way to look at it is actually that israel has the highest proportion of g.d.p. invested in security military compared to any other country the world just to put into proportion most european countries have between one percent and two percent of their g.d.p. go into their defense budgets and the united states which is a very militarized economy as four point five percent so about a third of israel well how do they hide the cost for the you get a bomb program because. it's got about two hundred nuclear warheads and of course that's against international law but they need to pay for it somehow how do they hide that in the in the books. budget of defense is actually
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a state secret nobody can know what's inside there and just a big number ok so that twelve percent number is understated by the factor of the nuclear arms program which is a pretty expensive drug. i feel you've got to double the twelve percent right there i'm not sure if it's not already included there because already we're talking about many many billions for a very small country after all. it's. it comes at the expense of a lot of social services that have been significantly cut and eroded over the years so that means there is now a crisis in almost every aspect of his roads economy and there is very high level of poverty but the money that goes to the military programs is not being cut i don't think actually that nuclear program is the biggest expenditure it's probably quite big of course but there are other forms of expenditure that are perhaps even
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bigger for example the cost of jails and currently there are approximately eleven thousand political prisoners in israeli jails and constantly there are more and more people being imprisoned and all of this in huge expenditure on more and more jails and more and more space into the prisoners of course they are kept in very crowded conditions and protecting and guarding all these prisoners some of them are twelve year old ten year old prisoners this is something that is a very heavy burden on these really economy all right well let's sort of it might be as wiki leaks cables some more according to the wiki leaks cable israel plans total war on lebanon gaz the us cables quote israel chief of staff general gaby ashkenaz up telling a u.s. congressman i'm preparing the israeli army for a major war since it is easier to scale down to a smaller operation then to do the opposite your thoughts but even before the in
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vision of lebanon in two thousand and six israeli officer said they're going to adopt the doc doctrine docket doctrine means that israel will stop at nothing and basically bomb it without any restraints even considering. i think that there are civilians living in the areas where they plan to bomb and this is been public knowledge in that sense that we can mix didn't really add a lot of new things what's perhaps more interesting is the fact that officials both in europe and the united states and other countries are well aware of the program by israel and yet they do not think about it they don't mention it they keep on reading reiterating that israel has a right to defend itself regardless of the disproportion of its use of force and the massive massacre of innocent civilians but i think the way to look at it this idea of all out war and a complete lack of restraint is not that israeli officers such as ashkenazi believe
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that israel has something to gain by using more force it's not that they really have a strategy whereby if they bomb another refugee camp and kill another people. people somehow that will make israel more secure i think the way to look at it is from a different angle in fact the problem is that a lot of israeli soldiers even low ranking soldiers are completely out of control and the problem is that the israeli government have has really no way and no desire to try to rein in these soldiers and to try to. make any of these soldiers very sponsibility for their crimes of course by doing that they're also accepting responsibility on themselves and they are becoming war criminals. but. what these soldiers are violating international law. government sees it as its
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responsibility to protect them rather than to protect the victims and in fact recently the israeli knesset is moving forward to draw a list of. one of them is the organization where i work. four who are suspected of gathering information on these really military so fifty such as i'm doing right now giving you an interview is considered destroy look to fifteen which is now monitored by the israeli government and the organizations which participate in these activities are being hunted by the government and workers in these organizations are currently at risk of being interrogated and even arrested all right so what's the upside here for israel they they want more land for condos i mean there's a global real estate crash. what are they one of the pushing for exactly what's their objective because. there doesn't seem to be much economics behind the push
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toward more condominiums i mean they could always go to florida and build plenty of condominiums there so what's that what exactly is the upside or are this just a matter of a bunch of sadists with weapons murdering people for no ideology other than the ideology of sadism well it's neither of these things. if you try to find one comprehensive strategy of these really government which tries to achieve a clear goal you will find not because in fact these really government is paralyzed from within by different factions each one with their own strategy with their own ideology you have the settlers who are led by a group of missy an equal to a religious fanatics who believe that god has promised them the land in giving up in the end they sent immediately and would be sacrilege they want to live in a way that way to a god promised them a land while other britain and america promised them the land in one nine hundred forty eight what's this god promised them the land theory i mean i mean i believe in the flying spaghetti monster and i could say that i've kansas's out to me it
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doesn't make a truth as it i mean by the large jess of the u.s. and the u.k. they carved out a thing called israel now what that's about it now what's this whole mandate religious mandate we're talking about that. nobody put that in the cards in the begin with and they got away with that well that's a very good question because in fact most of these really officials in government are quite aware that this group of religious fanatics are not promoting israel's. let's say official interests however it seems much easier for people like netanyahu and other leaders in israel to shift the blame over to these religious fanatics and say well the reason that israel cannot withdraw from certain palestinian areas from certain esteem in town is that these religious people are just too powerful and their grip over these ready politics is just too strong and they're be used as
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a kind of scapegoat and it doesn't mean that some of these people are not very violent and there's a lot of violence every day the patriot by a religious extremist but in fact all of that violence together cannot compete with the official violence that is employed by the israeli army what the what the israeli government has been able to achieve in its dealing with the united states and also with europe is to shift the blame so that when obama has to explain for example when barack obama has to explain why he was not able to convince israel to dismantle any settlements in the west bank. his answer would be well he's really a government is fragile the coalition might collapse if those religious fanatics on the right don't get. a peace state don't get their share and this serves as a kind of. a blood block all or stop all medical
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cure to prevent any kind of compromise any kind of advancement. peace and any kind of demand for justice for mr sounds like a situation where you've got to a two year old holding a knife and then. i was afraid to approach it because they don't know what's going to happen let me ask you this you mentioned earlier that something like twelve percent of israel's g.d.p. is tied to. militarization you also mention that another big portion of the g.d.p. is tied to prisons what percentage of the g.d.p. is tied to operating the biggest open air prison in the world palestine how much money does israel make per year by operating that prison called palestine well israel doesn't make so much money it loses money and that's a very interesting thing because if you look at the early days of the occupation of the palestinian territories the gaza strip the west bank it was set up many mechanisms by which to profit from these areas by exploiting cheapest i mean labor by exploiting the land exploiting the water resources and using the palestinian
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cheap captive market for marketing israeli goods but the more the palestinian resistance has been organized and been effective in. putting putting these really army on edge the more israel has been losing money to keep control over the palestinian territories and you mentioned the biggest open air prison i would say the gaza strip is the world's current biggest open air prison and the world it with one and a half million people living there and they were quite in trysting relations and we can mix with guarding how israel treats the gaza strip. and why israel operates the siege of the gaza strip and what i find extremely interesting but also extremely worrying is the fact that the economic interest economic agenda whereby israel would. be willing to make some money let's say by allowing the international community to send. money to gaza to sustain the refugee
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camps but actually do so by buying products from israel much products made in this room and thereby creating a nice little export venue for israeli company. now israel is even blocking back so the siege is now slow so. has such a strong momentum such a strong element of pictured that it even costs money to these really well yeah i mean it's a loss leader like a grocery store put milk in the front or in the back of the store and they'll sell that a loss to get people to buy other stuff at the grocery store i mean they make money at it it is really make money operating a ghetto in the gaza strip they would shut it down in a heartbeat all right sarah thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you very much and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report me max kaiser and stacey herbert i thank my guests share hever of the alternative
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information center if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser reported r t t v are you until next time this is next kaiser same.

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